Who am I?

My name is, Elaine Wilson and I come from Norther Ireland and have been living here in the Netherlands and Belgium for more than 20 years.

While living at home, in Northern Ireland, I was surrounded by animals, where I quickly learned that an animal IS your best friend.
While living in the Netherlands and America I followed two very different careers, one working full-time in the Hotel Industry working in the area of food and beverage, as the F & B Director for a 4 star hotel in Texas, America. And the other work direction, full-time in the medical world, as a Key account Manger promoting new medicines, here in The Netherlands working very closely with G.p's, Pharmacists and Specialists .
Unfortunately, due to poor health this dream sadly had it end, going from working more than full-time to being more than full-time at home, not knowing what to do with my time and having a hard time accepting the fact that my life really had to change. So in 2014 I bought my first setter... an Irish Setter, FLAME, and I was hooked! I had a flat coat while I was growing up. But a pure setter is completely different. In 2016 I rescued my English Setter, Mr. Watson, from a life of hell in Greece.
During all the Setter group walks I met lots of lovely, caring people. During one of these walks Alex Vonken approached me about starting a foundation, concentrating on saving setters from this terrible life of abuse and starvation.
In 2019 www.setter-rescue.nl was born. Since we have started with our legal foundation we have had the luxury of saving more than 100 setters and each and every one of them are living a life of a god or goddess.
In 2020 we decided to offer our rescue angels the possibility of giving good food to their sweet babies...... we went to work with DARF. Biological animal food in the form of , dried food, fresh meat and snacks.

I can now also offer this food to you for your Dogs. I have also the possibility to offer natural supplements for your dogs, to help in all different areas, like muscle build up, dental care and possible anxiety, etc. 

I would love it if you would like and/or promote my page, sharing with your friends would be very nice, the greater the reach, the greater the chance of a good match with someone whose heart beats faster when seeing a Setter shared on my page. 

Thanks for reading and kind regards from not only a Setter lover but and all animal advocate. 

Elaine Wilson

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